Packaging innovation

compostable anti-corrosion films

Inhibitory koroze, které se odpařují z našich antikorozních materiálů, formují na povrchu kovu tenkou plynnou vrstvu, která korozi zabraňuje třemi způsoby:

Our company can offer you an anti-corrosion film, which is not made of classic "plastic" (polyethylene - LDPE), but of compostable material. In reality, Zerust®Excor® Natur-VCI™ film can protect your goods in the same way as conventional film, but it offers an environmentally friendly way of disposal - it can be composted. When composting in an industrial composting plant, the film decomposes into water, humus and CO2. The result of the composting process is a purely natural material that can be used, for example, as a fertilizer. Therefore, no plastic waste is generated, nor does the film break down into hazardous microplastics. Given that the governments of many countries (not only in the European Union but also in India, for example) have set restrictions on the use of plastics as their goal, compostable packaging is a product that will increase in demand. Your company can already switch to this compostable packaging today and join the latest trends in the packaging industry. Such activity can also be used for marketing, because the environmental sensitivity of final consumers is constantly increasing and they are also interested in the overall ecological footprint that arose during the production and delivery of their product. Our compostable products always comply with the EN 13432 standard and can therefore have the "OK Compost" logo. Compliance with this standard guarantees that the product decomposes in the compost within the specified time without residues and that it does not degrade it chemically.


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Packaging optimization

Big savings can be achieved by optimization of existing packaging solutions. In the field of packaging materials, it is primarily a matter of finding the lowest possible weight of the packaging while maintaining its functionality.

Our company offers extremely thin anti-corrosion paper Excor® ABRIGO® with a weight of only 40g/m2. This paper serves as a carrier for corrosion inhibitors and is mainly used as a liner between layers of goods where high mechanical resistance of the paper is not required. Unlike many other products, ABRIGO® paper is effective on both sides, so you only need to fold the goods with one piece of paper and double-sided corrosion protection is guaranteed.

Our company achieves even greater environmental savings when using Excor® VALENO® thin anti-corrosion films. These anti-corrosion films in thicknesses of 0.05 to 0.08 mm have almost completely replaced previously used films in thicknesses of 0.08-0.15 mm. Their effectiveness lies in the use of high quality primary raw materials and modern production processes - the result of the production process is an anti-corrosion film, which is maximally anti-corrosion effective and at the same time has enormous mechanical strength at low thickness. In our portfolio, these thin anti-corrosion films. Many of our customers have replaced 0.15 mm thick foils with 0.08 mm thick foils, saving almost 50% of the plastic material during packaging. At the same time, of course, there are considerable financial savings associated with this. Consistent use of these low thickness films by Excor-Zerust, s.r.o. saves tens of tons of plastic packaging per year for its customers!

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