Partner in solving
corrosion problems

Our company is responsible for Czech and Slovak market and we are present there since 1997. Since that time we collected a broad database of case studies and application experience.

Our company deals with comprehensive supply of corrosion protection systems with volatile corrosion inhibitors such as VCI Zerust®Excor® films and papers.

If you want to cooperate with partner who has been collecting experience for almost two decades and offers you products of top quality, you are on the right place!

EXCOR – ZERUST, s.r.o. is a member of Zerust® federation which is comprised of more than 60 companies all around the world that permanently cooperate on supporting of their clients. We all will assure that the shipments protected with Zerust®Excor® products arrive into its final destination in absolutely rust-free condition.

The way we operate

EXCOR – ZERUST, s.r.o. is running its business and production according to the highest international standards, quality systems and with respect to environment. Since the year 2002 we are certified with ISO 9000.

The quality of our products is subject of permanent monitoring and control. Each production lot of packaging materials is being tested for its anticorrosion efficiency before it’s released for sale.

pdf ISO 9001 certificate (pdf)